April 23, 2024

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Check out his 3 tips to confirm the tip

Check out his 3 tips to confirm the tip

A woman has created an online sensation by revealing her secret tip for tipping stingy customers.

A young woman named Cat Bush from Texas, America, who has worked as a bottler for four years, revealed this tip on TikTok.

In Canada, as in the United States, tipping is an integral part of the culture, especially in certain sectors such as restaurants or hotels.

“No tip, no problem! Let me tell you how to solve this problem. My name is Kat, I have worked in the service sector for four years and this has only happened to me a few times,” begins the young woman.

Her strategy is simple: “If they still won’t go, look at the person who paid in front of everyone and you say to him: ‘Sir or madam, I see you haven’t tipped. Is there anything I can improve on the service you want to share with me?’

According to Kat, nine times out of ten customers flush, look embarrassed, then stammer out an excuse: “Oh, that’s a mistake, oh I didn’t see the receipt,” she mimes.

Another trick, though a bit more elaborate, is to go directly to your employer.

“You should ask the manager if you can deduct the cheaper items like soft drinks from the higher bill so the money goes to the waiter,” explains the young woman.

“If the bill is really high, I explain the situation to my boss to see if he can take things off to at least make a few dollars and not end up with a negative tip,” he said. -She is.

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Still according to Kat, the situation is easy for bartenders, because when a bad tip comes in, it’s enough… to not serve these customers anymore, or at least not serve them for “perpetuity”.

But not all servers agree.

“If I do that, I will be in a lot of trouble. Some people don’t tip no matter how good the service is,” said one user.

A second added instead: “I think tipping should be abolished. Pay your employees their fair value.

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