April 14, 2024

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Chicago announces plans to reopen restaurants after Corona virus

Chicago announces plans to reopen restaurants after Corona virus

New York is reopening the restaurant by a city that can’t do the pizza properly.

Chicago has released one 13 page list of guidelines Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio is less than responsive in terms of how his restaurants can safely resume service on campus amid the corona virus epidemic.

The Windy City released pointers on Tuesday, According to Eater, Drawing a picture of what a night in the city will look like soon.

The tables will be placed at least six feet apart, or a permanent barrier, such as plexiglass, will be installed between them, while the parties at one table should be closed to six people, the pamphlet says.

Patrons should always cover their face, of course, except when eating, and employees must cover in protective gear at all times.

Pottery Petri dishes such as self-serve food and beverage outlets are currently packed.

According to Eater, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city will start outdoor dining before June 10.

In contrast, New York City may be entering a phase of reopening before June 1, but De Blasio has been detailing everything from circulating public transit to what departments are eligible to reopen. Frustration of business owners and lawmakers.

There are no restaurants in the first phase – On the contrary Low-risk businesses – such as construction, manufacturing and curbside pick-up retail – are downtown restaurant and bar owners who are still crying for guidance.

Hisoner has teased some precautions, which have made many city restaurants feel strange.

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