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Chris Harris opens up about the mental health issues that arise from top gear fans

Chris Harris opens up about the mental health issues that arise from top gear fans
We can all accept it Top gear Its former self-shadow. After a confrontation five years ago, Jeremy Clarkson was expelled from the world’s most-watched reality TV show for slapping a producer on a cold meat plate instead of hot food. It left the British Broadcasting Corporation between a rock and a rough place, trying not to make the new presenter lineups and formats more successful.
One of the co-presenters from the initial shake-up Christopher James Harris, You may know from his days in Autocar and Evo. An automotive journalist was banned from reviewing Ferraris in 2011 after criticizing the brand for influencing reviews, which says a lot about Harris journalistic ethics and standards.

When it comes to his role in Top Gear, it is not surprising that Chris has a vast knowledge, a lot of passion and a lot of talent behind the wheel in this field. Andrew Flintoff and Paddy McGinnes – dare I say – have more fun than the car guys.

Although he is the best person for the job, Harris is not in a good position from a psychological standpoint due to some top gear fans. A 45-year-old journalist talking to Johnny Smith on The Late Break Show about mental harassment “It broke me.” He refers to the people who send his opinion Saying “You are a wedge, you destroyed top gear for me, I will never forgive you”. Once they do, it’s abuse. ”

Thankfully, mental courage and special help kept him afloat. A faithful day, “I picked up the phone, went and saw someone [a doctor], And I had to sit down. And what do you know? I still do, ” Harris agreed. “Not because I’ve been in a very bad place, but because it’s needed.

Remember when people who didn’t like a show stopped watching the show instead of sending short messages that broke the man’s self-esteem? Pepperidge Farm came to mind.

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