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Christian makes Dubai successful

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The health minister is in good condition.

Pierre-Laoi-N-Farm is not, but in good condition for a man with a crazy job at 65: Health Mammoth’s boss.

On a bicycle, someone who is constantly looking for their breath will stop talking while climbing. Not Christian Dubey. In the countryside of the eastern townships, last Saturday, early in the morning, it was grinding to speak: not a rolling fire, but at a constant speed.

“Every weekend, with Josie [sa conjointe], Move. We walk, we pedal, we ski … this afternoon, I’m sure she will ask me to go back to riding. ”

This idea of ​​a bike ride is mine. I do not know Christian Dubey. I saw it last year when he published it Selfies Smiling from his bike rides. I proposed to his cabinet to paddle with him on the pretext of his first year policy as Minister of Health (June 22).

Photo by Karen-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste, Press

Christian Dubey with our journalist Patrick Lagake

We have 40 km of postcards around Sutton.


Christian Dubey led a successful vaccination campaign, which surprisingly shone among the best in Quebec. We are accustomed to systemic, frustrating systemic failures.

Christian Dubey told me what he often said: his past at the Cascades paper mill, the example of the Lemire brothers for maintenance, especially Alain. How he went from finance to operations through Europe.

But, at Domtar, before the Cascades. He was a partner in his mergers and acquisitions consulting firm in the 1980s with Renault Lapierre and Rodriguez Byron‌, Industries Minister under Rene Lowesque in the early 1980s.

In Cascades he invented “BI” for “Business Intelligence”, which should be pronounced in English. I will try to summarize the concept.

You have factories. Factories are a quilt: some bought by your company, some not. They produce cardboard, paper, packaging. And to have an overview, they do not have a single computer system that provides the data needed to make a decision …

Then there are two options, explains Christian Dubey.

“The first is to set up a software package that standardizes practices. Like SAP. Consultants will always tell you: “Install SAP!” SAP, which really makes information technology a success ”

For a company like Cascades, SAP, it would take hundreds of millions and years to implement.

“The second option,” continues the former VP of Cascades, “creating BIs. We do it at home. It’s not great. But it’s possible to get 80% of the data in a very short time. It helps to make decisions quickly.”

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This is what he imposed on the Cascades. Made it possible to obtain quality data quickly, to achieve efficiency and to make informed decisions.

When Christian Dubey came to health a year ago, he was disappointed by the unavailability of data in real time. He learned about the infrastructure that needs to be created to obtain real-time data from CISSS, CIUSSS and other health acronym patents that work on different data collection systems …

The new minister wanted to get an affordable and immediate picture of screening tests and tracing of this data. And the vaccine, probably.

“I was told it would cost 1.5 billion to 3 billion and it would take years … I replied that we did not have this money, and above all we did not have years.”

The Minister spoke about BI with the IT people in the department. This is the summer of 2020.

In the early summer of 2021, on his terrace, Christian Dubey took out his tablet, showed it to me and started navigating through the various screens. Graphs, Statistics, Counters …

“See here”

(We’ll be going to “You” soon with Christian Dubey.)

It shows me statistics of CHSLDs, RPAs, RIs, all places where the elderly live. “These are statistics of cases of outbreak. We have them before. But not in real time! We have them there. Live. The same thing happens with vaccinations. At 12:11 this morning, we … wait … we have 40,000 injections since this morning. Yesterday: 67,000 people were vaccinated. Today: 90,000 appointments made… ”

As he closes the tablet, he laughs: “That’s true, a BI.”

When you have a BI, says Christian Dubey, you have direct access to data. No one can make a report that only he can understand to explain to you why his failures are completely normal …

“I need a BI for home care. I need some for the nurses’ schedule… ”

He talks about BI with a flash in his eyes, as if inspiring a formidable sports gesture or a great masterpiece …

Next to the epidemic, Christian Dube knows that human resources – especially the bleeding of nurses – are his biggest challenge as a minister. Stop the bleeding, hire nurses: it is necessary. He wants to hire 5,000 by December 2021 through training and, above all, the retirement or return of those who have left the private sector.

“BI, after all, is not the solution to the nursing crisis?

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– No. Good management solution. Management culture, present, flexibility and dynamism. We work with 80% manpower and culture imposes mandatory overtime if we need to [TSO]. We move people. Frequent use of the resulting cancer OST. My theory is that even though we have 110% of the workforce, it is cheaper than resorting to TSO and private agencies. “

He did not say that happiness at work is contagious.


I think this is the last fall. Cases are on the rise. From the zone color changes to the 28 day challenges we had to re-encapsulate. I watch a press briefing of the health trio with Philip Cantin‌ before the radio show.

“The Dubai Treasury must be assessed …

– Not well! Philip replied with a smile.

– What do you think?

– I know for sure. He must succeed. This is the challenge of his life. “

On the terrace of his country house, months later, in the magnificent setting of the eastern townships, I tell Christian Dubey the story, then I ask him:

“Is it happy to maintain health during an epidemic?” “

He took a second to think. I think I understand why: the pandemic has crippled society, damaged lives, families. You must select your words …

“I love it,” he said. The happy thing is, you feel like you have a difference. I was happy to be in Conceil du Treasure, but it’s another check mark. With the vaccine campaign, I think I can make a difference by participating in surgery… ”

Christian Dubey lived a very good life in the Cascades‌. He was also at the Kaisse Depot, where he became the first vice president since resigning as a CAQ member in 2014. The magnificent estate where he lives is a symbol of this well-paying profession.

Minister, it is well paid … but less than the VP of the listed company, all the same. Why politics?

Christian Dubey begins with an answer: “I do not like it to seem crooked …”, and then begins a long detour to explain and qualify …

He did not grow on flour. Mother teacher, father boat captain. He, at the age of 12, was washing rotisserie at a local grocery store to make money. “When I had enough, I did not need much. I made money in the cascades: paid us through the results. So my answer: the state understands. I started a business with Rodriguez Byron. We walked down the street, people greeted him. We felt honored. Rodriguez when the economy was going badly. People remember that he helped the world with his “Biran Plan”. “


He shows me a maple grove, arranged horizontally by a thousand blue tubes. He leads me towards the makeshift hut that is attached to the old barn. There is a brand new kettle for making maple syrup.

“My son spent the winter here, with Josie and me. His girlfriend is with us. He asked me to show him how to make syrup and saw his grandfather making it. During the week, he’s going to buy equipment and on the weekends, we put it together ”

Two rocking chairs kettle, heavy machine for making syrup by boiling.

“It’s fun, it’s all of us …”

Christian Dubey and his son bottled two cups of maple syrup last spring. They have two names …

“First dose” and “second dose”!

In the sugar shock, the minister slipped on a door, which shows wooden cords, ax, splitter.

“And when things were going badly, this winter, I did …”

As everyone knows, wood burning is a formidable outlet.


“Have you ever ridden an electric bike?” “

Christian Dubey shows me his electric bikes. I did not dare to tell him that I was cursing the electric bikes that passed me on the Berry coast. Fraudsters …


– Come on, let’s try… ”

These are mountain bikes Trail. He takes me into the forest, into his forest.

I had a kid in the beginning. You have to hit a peak to change the intensity of the electric aid depending on the slopes, which, in my belief, is very effective on natural roller coasters of forest paths …

Before me, Christian Dubey was a long way off, accustomed to the terrain, accustomed to handling the electric pitan of the bike.

I finally figured out how to operate an electric bike. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions and will enable you to negotiate the unpredictable terrain …

Since I do not really know when, I said that the person with the big calves in front of me is probably the minister who will find Piton to do the same with the mammoth of health

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