June 24, 2024

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Cockroach cooked in fried chicken!

Cockroach cooked in fried chicken!

Disgusting to say the least. A woman claims to have found a chubby cockroach in her fried chicken dinner!

Haile Kirkland was dining with her husband at Slim Chickens in Pensacola, Florida last Thursday when, after a few bites, she noticed something unusual about her meal.

“When I noticed it, I thought at first it was a burnt end. And then when I picked it up, I said to myself: Oh, it’s quite a bug,” began Ms. Kirkland.

Quickly, the American shared her misfortune online. “It was literally fired [de la coquerelle]Feet and everything,” she explains.

Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspectors found about 20 dead cockroaches at a restaurant that sent Slim’s chickens. A follow-up inspection was conducted the following day and no violations were reported at that time.

The owner of Slim Chickens said he “immediately contacted pest control” and that his restaurant “has been receiving daily treatments since the incident.”

Haile Kirkland, for his part, received a heartfelt apology from the owner of Slim Chickens, who reimbursed him for his meal and offered him $100 in gift cards, half of which were from his restaurant.

A return to the restaurant one day isn’t out of the question, she says, but it will take her time. She thinks all the cleaning is done before she sets foot in there again.

“I’m not going to lie, they probably have the best food and the best chicken in town, but I want it clean,” Kirkland said.

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