July 23, 2024

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Coffee or Matcha? Here's what to choose, according to an expert

Coffee or Matcha?  Here's what to choose, according to an expert

According to an expert, depending on its composition and its effects on the body and mind, matcha is a better caffeinated drink than classic coffee.

“It's a concentrate, so it's not only rich in antioxidants. It also provides a significant boost of caffeine,” explains Cami Jacobsen of Avera Medical Group. The New York Post.

“People love it because it brings feelings of calm and relief, but also constant energy,” she continued.

Matcha has its roots in ancient Japanese culture, which valued its powerful energies, nutrients and phytochemicals that strengthen the human system.

Green tea and matcha come from the same plant. Camellia sinensisBut matcha is grown in the shade and processed differently.

“As plants get less sunlight, they have more chlorophyll and amino acids,” says M.me Jacobsen. “Green tea is made from the leaves. Matcha uses every part of the plant and is made in a variety of ways.

Although the amount of caffeine is very similar between matcha and coffee, it can vary depending on what you add to it.

According to the expert, matcha can also help fight certain diseases such as inflammation or diabetes. Its chemical components also give a boost to the liver, brain and heart.

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