July 23, 2024

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“Everyone wakes up at the same time”: the race for air conditioners continues!

"Everyone wakes up at the same time": the race for air conditioners continues!

With a heat wave expected in the coming days, many Quebecers have rushed to stores, hardware stores and specialty businesses to purchase an air conditioning system.

Many merchants notice a significant increase in traffic and find that the telephone is no longer ringing.

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“The second the temperature rises, that's where the call volume goes up,” said Jordan Perrin, general manager of DuraClim.

The latter observed that when the temperature exceeded 25 degrees Celsius, his company received four to five times more calls.

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“People are really emotional about buying air conditioning. When you are not warm, you should not buy […] Or you don't have to buy it. Then when you're home and you feel the heat, the first thing you do is start looking at the cost of air conditioning. So everyone wakes up at the same time,” he explained.

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Specialized companies remind the owners of air conditioning systems that it is very important to carry out regular maintenance on their device.

To see the full details, watch the video above.

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