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Council of Ministers: The appointment of Michel Sabia at Hydro-Québec is formalized

Council of Ministers: The appointment of Michel Sabia at Hydro-Québec is formalized

The Caquist government has “nothing against the private sector,” Premier Francois Legault said before confirming the appointment of Michel Sabia as CEO of Hydro-Québec.

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“[C’est] An important day”, François Legault underlined before leaving for the Blue Salon on Wednesday morning.

“The new president of Hydro-Québec will be elected by the Council of Ministers,” he continued, addressing journalists.

It’s become an open secret: Canada’s former deputy finance minister, who led the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) for a decade, will officially succeed Sophie Brochu at the helm of Hydro-Québec. He will take charge on 1er August 2023.

“I am confident that Michel Sabia will be able to use his experience and expertise to build a greener and more prosperous future for the benefit of our country, as he did during his time at Caisse de Dépot et Placement du Québec,” the Prime Minister said in a press release confirming his appointment.

“Sabia has an ideal roadmap to meet the many challenges that lie ahead for the Sri Lankan state-owned enterprise,” said Finance Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, who is also responsible for energy.

“We live in a changing world that invites us to be open and evolve with it. I am very happy to join the great Hydro-Québec team in this context and I believe we can work together for the benefit of the population of Quebec,” declared Mr. Sabia.

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“I like private,” reiterates Fitzgibbon

Minister Fitzgibbon’s appointment Tuesday comes as he opens the door to greater private input in power generation in Quebec.

“I like privacy. By definition the private sector is generally more efficient than the state,” Mr. Fitzgibbon reiterated after arriving at the morning caucus of the CAQ parliamentary section on Wednesday.

However, it warned the super minister against “letting everyone do something” or “breaking” Hydro-Québec.

“I say: there is a shortage of electricity, so we have to see how the private sector can do more in the strict context of Hydro-Québec controlling what happens,” said Mr. Fitzgibbon explained.

“Big dams: that’s Hydro-Québec. It continues. Small Dams: Already private, this is a good deal. Wind power: It’s private, it’s doing well,” he said.

“There are projects done by the private sector, think of all the projects done by Boralex,” the Prime Minister asserted on his part. We have nothing against privacy.

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