May 19, 2024

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Cultivation: Hidden under the terrace to avoid penalties

Cultivation: Hidden under the terrace to avoid penalties

After the wardrobes, the terraces: On the farm, the police once again faced a reconsideration, they gathered against health measures, hid in inappropriate places – without success – fines, weekend.

If we believe the busy night experienced by the patrol officers of the Saguna Police Department between Saturday and Sunday, the concepts of curfew and banning the meeting are still not properly understood by some.

Lieutenant Jean-Michel Bergeron reported that three separate private meetings led to the drafting of 13 general crime reports and four portable crime notices.

During these interventions, a noise complaint brought police officers to Chikoutimi Baro, where they found that many people were at home. Their number is not specified.

In the eyes of the police, they fled to the rear to seek refuge in the cold under the outer terrace “not dressed, only a single shoe for the feet”. They will be identified and receive fines by mail, Bergeron said.

Also in Chikoutimi, patrols arrived at a meeting of seven students.

The night before, in Jonquier, a group of people were so hard on them that the owner apparently refused to open the doors for them, even though they had doors. Police have a warrant to carry out routine checks.

On February 9, in response to the condemnation of the rally, police were shocked to learn that four people hiding in wardrobes were trying to escape their gaze.

Violation of non-compliance with sanitation measures can result in fines ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 6,000.

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