June 18, 2024

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Cyber ​​Attack in the United States | Bill Barr is opposed to Trump by blaming Russia

Cyber ​​Attack in the United States |  Bill Barr is opposed to Trump by blaming Russia

(Washington) Attorney General Bill Barr believes Moscow is behind a massive cyber attack targeting the United States, which, on the contrary, once again left the Donald Trump administration last Monday.

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“With the information I have, I agree with the Secretary’s analysis [d’État, Mike] Pompeii: It definitely feels like Russians, ”he told a news conference.

President Trump on Saturday assessed the scope of the attack as well as Russia’s role.

“Cyber ​​talk is more important in ‘fake news’ media than it really is,” the US president tweeted. “Everything is under control. Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s the top slogan when anything happens.”

“It could be China [c’est possible !] “Republican billionaire included.

Bill Barr, a loyalist of Donald Trump who announced his resignation last week, was outraged that the billionaire did not condemn the alleged election fraud.

Going Together, the president expressed his “great disappointment” with his justice department, regretting that it did not reveal the existence of an investigation into the tax situation ahead of the November election. From Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

These differences did not change on Monday. “I said there was not enough fraud to influence the election and I will stand there,” the outgoing attorney general said.

“I have no reason at present for federal officials to seize the electoral machinery,” Mr Barr said of the move, which was demanded by Donald Trump supporters.

“If I think a special prosecutor is needed [pour enquêter sur les allégations visant Hunter Biden, le fils de Joe Biden, NDLR], I will put a name and I did not, ”he finally commented.

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