June 16, 2024

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Digital Shift at ARTM | Guilbault called for quickening the pace

Digital Shift at ARTM |  Guilbault called for quickening the pace

Quebec is impatient and is asking the regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM) to “advance the deadline” for a payment system by telephone and bank card in public transport. On the Metropolitan Express Network (REM), there will also be new signage at Central Station on Friday.

This was argued by Transport Minister Genevieve Guilbault’s office on Thursday after a meeting earlier in the day with ARTM Director General Benoit Gendron. The government’s aim is to “take stock of various files”.

“In particular, we have specifically asked ARTM to advance the deadline for payment through cell phone and bank card. We ask them to come up with scenarios. It is not reasonable for it to take so long,” said Maxim Roy, director of communications for the minister.

Earlier, on Thursday, Press Revealed that The regional authority is due to present a 162 million plan to its managers this Thursday, which will allow consumers to move into modernity within four years in 2027. The plan will be done in four phases: first, a mobile system recharge in early 2024, then the addition of card or telephone payments in 2025 or 2026, and finally, a digital system to bring multiple modes of transport on a single platform by 2027.

If the planned schedule is respected, it will take about ten years to complete the transition to this new system. As of June 2018, the STM president mentioned the idea of ​​bringing all mobility services, such as Metro, buses, Communato, BIXI or Téo Taxi, through a single “customer account”. Time, Philip Schnobe.

More communication

On the economic level, Quebec recognizes that the financial arrangement of the project is “complex”, but asks for a reassessment of possible savings, if necessary. “Above all, the priority is to expedite this project,” insisted Mr. Roy.

More generally, the minister called for ARTM to “communicate better with users and various stakeholders” in the public transport ecosystem. “Further paraphrasing Maxim Roy, we want them to really put the consumer back at the center of decisions, ultimately returning to basics”.

The Regional Transport Authority, reached by email, said it agreed with the minister’s comments, confirming that “work has already started in this direction” with the active participation of transport companies.

According to the representative of the company, Simon Charbonneau, the plan revealed 162 million Press “Last days’ work did not integrate aspects of the optimization of the schedule reflecting ongoing work”. “Some elements require a higher level of validation before being publicly displayed. An announcement on this issue will be made in early October. We will be able to report on progress at that time,” continued Mr. Charbonneau.

New REM signals

It was finally confirmed on Friday that the promised “adjustments” on the signaling side at Central Station will make their appearance. Press With ARTM. According to our information, new displays are posted at the beginning of the day.

It seems that pressure has been increased to speed up the work of setting up new indicators even though it was initially promised that action would be taken by September.

Last week, the article reported Press Student Dashiell Friesen was particularly shaken. The teenager, who is studying graphic design at Concordia University, designed and printed dozens of stickers before pasting them on the winding interior route that connects Bonaventure Metro Station and REM Central Station.

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ARTM defended itself by arguing that “the link between REM and Metro is unique because it involves multiple stakeholders and legacy considerations that go back to Parks Canada.” Before proceeding, talks are also to be held with private real estate groups Kaminar and Petra Group, which owns some of the corridors through which the commuters pass, which has also been recalled by the authority.

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