May 21, 2024

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Discovery of a planet ten times larger than Jupiter

Discovery of a planet ten times larger than Jupiter

European astronomers have discovered a planet ten times the size of Jupiter, which orbits a star three times larger than the Sun.

Unveiled in Innovation Magazine Nature Last week. The team spotted the exoplanet using a telescope from the European Southern Observatory in Chile. The star is located in Centauri 318 light-years from Earth, and a pair of stars orbiting Centauri that are ten times the mass of the Sun. Its orbit around our Sun is 100 times wider than Jupiter’s orbit and 560 times wider than Earth’s.

“Finding a planet around B. Centauri is very exciting because it completely changes the image of the huge stars that are hosts on the planet,” Swedish astronomer Marcus Johnson, one of the study’s authors, told the magazine. Nature.

Gayatri Vishwanath, a doctoral student and doctoral student at the University of Stockholm, said:

Previously, no planet was observed orbiting a star with a mass three times greater than that of the Sun.

Some astronomers believe that there are no planets around such huge and hot stars.

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