April 14, 2024

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Display: Huge screens disturbing in Montreal

Display: Huge screens disturbing in Montreal

Although the largest outdoor light screen in Montreal does not comply with the regulations and is subject to complaints from its installation, a second identical screen has just been installed in the same location, much to the outrage of neighbors.

Neighboring Julia Sehmer condemned the light pollution generated by the installations.

Photo by Oliver Foucher

Neighboring Julia Sehmer condemned the light pollution generated by the installations.

Julia Sehmer, who lives on Wellington Street in Griffintown, said: “It’s not dazzling and disturbing, I just could not understand the relevance of these screens.

We can at least say that the arrival of the neighboring company was not noticed.

Inspired by Times Square in New York, Montreal has installed the largest large open screen in its window, displaying works by emerging artists, as well as advertisements for the store.

Second despite the complaints

Initially in this sector where there are many condo towers, the light projected through this screen which is day and night is very dazzling.

Randa Alem Bentaya, who lives opposite the store, lamented, “It was like lighting a light in my room.

“The light was so strong, my apartment was so brightly colored. It was so hard to sleep,” says resident Priscilla Cabral.

After receiving complaints from neighbors, the store decided to reduce screen brightness, which residents said reduced the problem. But what was their surprise when the second screen appeared on the same size and display in the last few weeks.

“Really? Did you install the second screen?!? Julia Sehmer asked the company via Instagram.

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“Obviously, they don’t care much about the neighbors,” she said.Me Bentaya. The real thing we like is that they bother to turn it off at night. ⁇

Not compliant, City said

Apart from causing inconvenience to the residents .. Newspaper Inspections revealed that these screens did not comply with Sud-East Borough’s town planning regulations.

It provides that signals with glowing messages should not exceed 10% of the surface area of ​​the window, which, according to the borough, has been “greatly” exceeded by the Bouclair store.

“Restrictive measures will be put in place to ensure that the company complies with the regulations,” spokeswoman Celine Wylan‌court said. She adds that infringement notices have been sent to the merchant since November 2021 and that the borough will request a meeting with the company next week so that it is subject to the regulations.

Bauckler did not respond to a request for comment Newspaper.

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