May 21, 2024

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Doctors make phone calls to patients who have not been vaccinated

Un médecin au téléphone dans son cabinet (illustration).

The phone may ring when you return from vacation. On the phone, the doctor should talk about the anti-Kovid vaccine. From July 29, treating physicians may request a list of patients who have not been vaccinated. Nearly 15,000 have already done so. This allows them to contact one by one to discuss vaccines.

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedom (Cnil) has given the green light to the move.Informing and Awareness, not trying to convince them When they indicate that they do not want to be vaccinated“.

Rely on the relationship of faith

For many French people, it is difficult to distinguish fact from untruth on vaccines. The goal of this awareness campaign is therefore to rely on the relationship of trust between the patient and his attending physician. Practitioners claim to have more to deal with undiagnosed than convincing anti-vaccines. “It is not uncommon for patients to confront us with false information gathered from networks.“, MG France General Practitioner Union President Jacques Batisto explained to AFP in late July.

In general, it is still: “Doctor, do you really have to?“.”Yes it is good for you“.”Okay, okay“Again, AFP’s Michael Rochoy tells General Practitioner Outrow (Pass-de-Kalis), even though he did.”The irony is a little, overall it’s going very fast“.

At present, however, it is difficult to estimate the impact of the measure on vaccine promotion. The government hopes to inspire in any case 5 million French people are at Kovid risk and have not been vaccinated. Those who do not follow the attending physician can be contacted through health insurance.

Guarantees requested by CNIL

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedom says: “In principle unfavorable “ Treating physicians have access to a list of patients who have not been vaccinated, but consider “An exceptional health condition can justify it“She has set three main guarantees. As previously suggested, CNIL asks doctors not to insist, it also wants Patient lists will be deleted At the end of the awareness campaign the transmission of lists by the doctor and between practitioners and health insurance will not be automatic.

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