April 16, 2024

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Elon Musk gave a show in Paris

Elon Musk gave a show in Paris

Give humans neural implants and don’t censor Twitter this year: Elon Musk held his rank as a global tech star before 3,600 adoring fans in Paris on Friday, but made no mention of the Tesla factory he’s dreaming up for Elysée France.

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Over the course of two hours at the Dome de Paris, a guest of the Vivatech show, the controversial billionaire who owns SpaceX lived up to his image as an unrelenting visionary, offering his advice for success to fascinated start-up leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Despite a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the afternoon, not a word was said about setting up a Tesla factory in France.

But during his May “Thing France” show, the electric car maker promised to make “significant investments” in the country. “Let’s work together”, however the head of state tweeted in English after their meeting, the moment the American leader began his meeting.

Elon Musk’s only announcement on the occasion: He said he wants to deliver neural implants to the first human in 2023 from his company Neuralink, which has just been authorized to conduct tests in the United States. “Later this year, we will do our first human chip implantation, for someone with a form of tetraplegia,” he said.

The purpose of these brain chips is to allow brains and computers to communicate directly, helping people with paralysis or neurological diseases.

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During his presentation, in front of a heated room, he defended Twitter without all censorship and felt that artificial intelligence risks triggering an “apocalypse” for humanity. These are positions that libertarians have already repeated many times.

“If we’re going to suffer an AI-induced apocalypse, I’d still like to be alive,” he laughs.

But he didn’t give up on the bottom. To Orange boss Christel Heidemann, who suddenly challenged him on the reasons why Twitter withdrew from the European Union’s code of conduct on misinformation, Elon Musk replied: If “someone who says something you don’t like” is blocked, “it’s only a matter of time before the censorship turns against you”.

Hiding behind his notion of freedom of expression, he admitted, “If you get harassed (on a social network) it’s a bad experience.”

Incidentally, he admitted that he paid a lot – 44 billion – Twitter. “If I’m so smart, why did I pay so much?” He joked. “I’m not the devil,” he even began with a sardonic laugh at Yvatech co-founder Maurice Levy, who organized the conference.

Previously, he dined with LVMH boss Bernard Arnault, with whom he disputed the head of Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s most important fortunes.

Elon Musk’s appearance in France is not over: he granted an interview to France 2, which will be broadcast after the 8 o’clock news on Monday.

Earlier, Mr Musk met Italian head of government Giorgia Meloni in Rome on Thursday. They touched on some “critical topics” such as “AI risks” and “natality,” she tweeted.

The American boss, with radical political positions, has become a darling of conservatives across the Atlantic for fighting censorship and reviving former President Donald Trump’s account.

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