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Energy restraint: Fitzgibbon again wants Quebecers to adjust their behavior

Energy restraint: Fitzgibbon again wants Quebecers to adjust their behavior

Pierre Fitzgibbon brought back his concept of energy moderation: he could allow Hydro-Québec to review its residential rates to “adjust the behavior” of Quebecers. However, the Prime Minister was open to this type of action.

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“We have to adjust prices to adjust behavior,” Pierre Fitzgibbon said during a credit study on Thursday, noting that “both companies and individuals” need to adapt to energy needs.

At the start of his mandate, the minister had already raised the possibility of forcing citizens to use their appliances outside peak hours, such as at night.

The minister is bringing back to the table here the energy sobriety plan rejected by Francois Legault last January.

The minister indicated in December 2022 that Quebec is considering all ways to save energy, such as turning on the dishwasher at night and turning down the heat at home.

However, the Prime Minister disagreed with Mr Fitzgibbon and closed the door on dynamic pricing for residential customers.

“It’s not something I want to see in the short term. When I told you that Pier Fitzgibbon wanted to introduce a bill in the autumn, it was for business rates. We did not reach prices for individuals, residences or consumers. Will we get there eventually? Perhaps, as is done in the Scandinavian countries,” said François Legault.

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Pierre Fitzgibbon opined that people particularly dislike “hearing about raising prices”.

The consultation process on the future of energy should allow Quebec and Hydro to better define what this modulation will look like.

Therefore, Mr. Fitzgibbon may allow a change in rates.

“We put commercial, residential and industrial elements on the table. We put everything on the table,” he told TVA Novelles. “The challenge we have now… 25,000 terawatt hours of Mr.me [Sophie] We’re going to get efficiency, says Brochu, and there, it’s necessary to follow behaviors. So, should modular pricing be used to incentivize behavior? Maybe.”

He believes the government should “question itself”.


For the past two years, the Crown Corporation has been asking the government to modernize Hydro-Quebec legislation so that it reflects today’s reality, especially in terms of pricing.

On May 15, Pierre Fitzgibbon welcomed several players and experts from the energy sector for a major consultation.

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