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Everything you need to know about Desjardins Rebate Payment in 2023 and its calculation

Everything you need to know about Desjardins Rebate Payment in 2023 and its calculation

You’ve probably heard of rebates before. After all, this is one of the benefits of being a Kaisei member.1!

every year, Gardens Caisse and the movement returns some of the surplus made by Desjardins. This sum of money, known as the personal rebate, is given to individual members and businesses2 Under certain conditions3. Part of the fund is also paid out to support communities: it’s called a community dividend.

In short, the dividend rewards your trust and your commitment to Desjardins.

Calculation of discount

The personal allowance comes in two parts: the Product reduction And yet Volume reduction. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for one or the other or both.

there Product reduction Awarded to members who own at least one qualifying product in each of the 4 Desjardins product families during the year:

– Accounts

– Placements and Investments

– Loans, lines of credit and credit cards

– Insurance

The maximum amount you can receive is $50 or as many months as all conditions are met. If you have it 30 and belowYou only know to hold on Produced in 3 of 4 families To receive a product discount.

For example, Etienne, if a young member 25 yearshas A current account (Formerly known as Savings Account with Operations – EOP), Renter’s Insurance From August and A credit cardSo he has 3 qualified products in 4 families in last 5 months of 2022. In 2023, Etienne will receive a production discount of $20.83 ($50 / 12 months X 5 months where conditions are met).

there Volume reduction, which is another personalized amount, calculated according to the volumes you have in each of the 4 product families. Business members4 Deserving too.

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This is based on the applicable rate per $1,000 bracket for each eligible product in different product families. For accounts, loans and lines of credit, the calculation is based on Average reserves3 In the year For credit cards, it depends Net purchases4 Made on your card during the year.

New for this year: For placement and investment services in wealth management, calculation based Commissions and fees paid5. Finally, for insurance6It depends on the premiums.

This year, we noticed the addition of identification of accounts with Desjardins Securities inc. For volume reduction calculation.

4 families of Desjardins products


A reduction in statistics

The patronage refund amount is affected by the surplus achieved by the Casses and Desjardins Group. The result of the vote on the proposal on annual surplus sharing voted each year at your caisse’s annual general meeting also affects the calculation.

Highlights of Patronage Dividend Paid in 2023

Dividend is one of the benefits of being a member of Desjardins

Desjardins is one of the only financial institutions in Quebec that pays a portion of its surplus earnings to its members.

2022 discounts will be paid to Desjardins members From May 29 to June 6, 2023. To find out the amount you will be given, log into your AcèsD account and visit the My Rebates section.

The money is deposited directly, you don’t need to request it. However, keep in mind that if you are a member of several Kais, payments may be made on different dates.

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To know more about Desjardins Rebate, see desjardins.com/discount.

1. You must be a member of the Caisse in the preceding fiscal year to be eligible for a possible rebate.

2. Desjardins business members are not entitled to production dividends.

3. For the Caisse to pay the rebate, there are 2 conditions:

• Movement must have financial capacity to pay dividend.

• Members of the Caisse have decided to make repayments. In Quebec, the payment of dividends and the payment of a portion of the surplus to the Community Development Assistance Fund, all by members meeting at an annual general meeting in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

4. For Desjardins Business Members, the volume rebate is calculated on damage insurance for Quebec only and is not offered to The Personal General Insurance policy holders.

5. Average monthly volumes held or due, calculated by the number of months the product has been held or used.

6. Amount of net purchases, which is the amount of purchases less the amount of refunds made with credit cards (for example, an item returned in a store) for the year.

7. Desjardins Securities Inc., Signature Service, is calculated on fees and commissions paid for placement and wealth management investment services provided by securities and online brokerage clients. For accounts in US dollars, fees and commissions are converted to Canadian dollars on the day of the transaction.

8. For businesses, the volume rebate applies to damage insurance for Quebec only and is not offered to The Personal General Insurance policy holders.

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