July 19, 2024

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Hydro-Québec: CAQ needs to stop wasting our time with the 3rd link

Hydro-Québec: CAQ needs to stop wasting our time with the 3rd link

No offense to Pierre Fitzgibbon, the CAQ is very difficult to follow at Hydro-Quebec.

A session is believed to have been attended brainstorming.

Let’s start with Hydro-Québec prices.

In December 2022, Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said we need to “exactly” analyze dynamic pricing.

Prime Minister Francois Legault closed the door shortly after: there was no question of modulating occupancy rates.

A few days ago, Mr. Legault has opened the door again: He’s open to reviewing residential rates… without raising them. His Finance Minister said that all these will have zero cost.

A few days later, Pierre Fitzgibbon said: “At this point in time” there is no question of housing prices hitting.

For dams, it’s not really good.

Mr. Legault announced during the election campaign that he dreamed of building new ones. He reiterated this promise in November 2022, saying, “We must seriously consider the construction of new dams.”

Mr Fitzgibbon said on the show last February An upside down world: “We will do everything not to make dams.”

In April, he said his government had not confirmed the need for dams. We have to assess whether it is worth it or not.

At the CAQ meeting, members still voted for the construction of new hydroelectric dams.

But we don’t even know if we need it, but we promise we will … Does that remind you of a project?

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Hard to follow

Here’s the picture: By 2050 it will take at least 100 TWh per year to meet our needs. It’s too much. Hydro-Québec currently produces 200 TWh per year.

We should increase our production and reduce our consumption. But let’s not limit our thinking to electricity.

We have to ask ourselves whether we can build our buildings better and run heavy trucks on biogas rather than huge batteries, or whether we can use other heating sources, such as geothermal energy.

We hope

We’re going to give Caesar his due, Minister Fitzgibbon is ready to finish the job.

HEC Montreal chair holder in energy sector management, Pierre-Olivier Pinault, emerged from consultations held by the government this week with cautious optimism.

He expects a precise and realistic plan this time.

“We don’t want a long-term plan, it’s a series of wishful thinking,” he hopes. The plans to fight climate change, which we have had in the last 15 years, have all flopped.

Avoid putting the cart before the horse. We acted in the movie Third Link. We hope the government has learned from its mistakes.

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