July 15, 2024

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Everything you need to know about Metro’s ‘Me’ rewards program

Everything you need to know about Metro's 'Me' rewards program

While the “Air Miles” rewards program has lost its soul in recent weeks, grocery store banners like Metro are developing their own loyalty programs. The Quebec channel launched its “Me” program.

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Passing through the studios of “À Vos Affaires”, Metro’s Vice President of Marketing, Alain Tadros, highlighted the new features of the program, which will be available on five channels: Metro, Brunet, Super C, Premier Moisson and Jean. joint

“The loyalty program is a way to accumulate points and save money. It’s a simple and generous program. For every 500 points accumulated, it’s a $4 savings on the bottom of the bill,” he noted, which equates to a $0.80 savings per $100 purchase.

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Customers of the banners listed above can collect points in a variety of ways.

Mr. Tadros explains at the outset how basis points work.

“For us, that’s a differentiator. At participating banners that offer base points, every dollar raised earns one point. […] No matter what products we buy,” he says.

He added that holders of the “Me RBC Visa” credit card can take advantage of savings across other banners such as the “Lowe’s” group (Reno-Depot, Rona). “It provides additional savings by using the card at these businesses.”

In an interview with Pierre-Olivier Zappa, the Quebec company’s vice president of marketing proudly shared one aspect of the rewards program: personalized points.

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“Personalized points, a bit like the SAQ, what? If I am a subscriber to a pound of butter of such and such a brand, you are going to give me a pound of butter,” questions our host.

“Go and choose personalized offers targeted at you every week, according to the products you like, the products you consume. It’s a very fast way to accumulate,” Mr. Tadros recalls in return, while noting that customers must register their card on the mobile application or Banner’s website.

Program customers will be able to redeem their earned points instantly program.

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Signing up for a rewards program sometimes raises concerns among consumers who question the use of personal data by major brands.

“The data is anonymous, the marketing vice president assured. We personalize products according to consumers’ buying habits, giving them offers on products they buy regularly,” he said.

“We will never sell personal data to anyone.”

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*To know all about this new program, watch the segment in the video above*

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