April 20, 2024

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Problem with Bell engineers: 1 year without internet for his company

Problem with Bell engineers: 1 year without internet for his company

What should have been settled in a phone call turned into a series of canceled appointments. The owner of Lacolle Marina was “cheated” by Bell Engineers, so much so that he had to operate his business without an internet connection for 7 months.

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“It will never, never, never progress,” exclaims Paul Picard of Rose des Vents Marina in South Monteregi.

A Bell technician visited his company on the banks of the Richelieu River near the US border on November 3.

The appointment for the internet connection was made after the company Trango announced that its service in the region will be interrupted in the spring of 2023.

That day, Mr Picard, an employee of the telecoms giant, was unable to connect the marina, despite the availability of fiber optics.

Because the marina is between the river and the railway line. The Marina Reception is the only building on this side of the tracks.

“The technician needed a nacelle to cross the wire over the railway, but he didn’t have it,” says Paul Picard.

“not practical”

The marina still has no internet connection today as the nautical season has started. The owner must unplug his computer every two days to bring it home.

In this way, he can send payroll data for his 3 employees as well as accounting data to his Saint-Eustache office.

His business’s payment terminal works with a cellular chip.

“Let’s just say it’s not practical,” the man ruminates.

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Multiple calls

After missing the appointment in November, Paul Pickard multiplied the steps with Bell to get his connection in the season.

A new technician appeared in early May, but, again, he didn’t have a basket.

“We need to talk to Bell engineers, but neither customer service nor technical support agents can reach them,” Mr. Pickard noted.

Anticipating Bell’s response, he notes that the marina’s telephone line – connected by… Bell – already runs over the railway line, where the Hydro-Québec wires are.

204 in LaCole, where the marina is located, Bell indicates “engineering problems” near Chemin McGee.

CN and Hydro-Québec needed intervention. “Our teams and our partners are cooperating so that the work can be done as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson indicated.

At Rose des Vents Marina, the next visit by a bell technician is now scheduled for October. “We’ll see if they show up,” joked Paul Pickard.

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