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“Excessive” delay in its decisions | The fired administrative judge will lose her appeal

"Excessive" delay in its decisions |  The fired administrative judge will lose her appeal

She was fired in June 2020 due to a “high” delay, with a Quebec Administrative Tribunal (TAQ) judge failing to regain her magisterial post on Thursday. The Superior Court dismissed Mr. completely.E Katya Gagnon was the first administrative judge to be ousted in Quebec.

Louis-Samuel PerronLouis-Samuel Perron

Judge Jacques G. Bouchard immediately pointed out in his judgment that such a situation was “extraordinary and extraordinary.” To write the reasons for the more than 400 cases of the Mental Disorders Review Commission, administrative judge Gagnon was too late to make decisions until he had to retire in 2012 for two years.

Back in 2014 on the bench in the TAQ Department of Social Affairs, Mr.E Despite all the help provided, Gagnon was still unable to make a timely judgment. The judge feels “deported” by her employers and other judges and blames her “blackout” and her assistant. She believes that “very difficult” cases are being laid against her to “find fault”.

“We also noted its lack of methodology and rigor and overall lack of self-criticism,” Judge Bouchard summed up.

The claims were rejected

His conduct prompts him to file a complaint against the tribunal president. In May 2020, the verdict will come: the Committee of Inquiry of the Administrative Justice Council will recommend his removal. First in Quebec. The executive council approved his dismissal the following month.

“If she doesn’t understand after all these years, it’s hard to tell if she will ever understand. It lacks the capacity for reforms needed to restore public confidence in the organization, ”the committee said in a Vitalic report.

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However, not only are the investigation reports on guilt and sanction flawed, but they are “true models” in this regard, Judge Bouchard estimated. “They are complete, intelligent, well-supported with evidence and have a flawless psalm. There is nothing wrong with influencing the decision,” the magistrate said.

The experienced attorney specifically argued that she was not informed of the possibility of dismissal because she could not submit her arguments in the matter. By dismissing all of Mr.’s arguments as “non-serious” accusation, the Superior Court decides.E Gagnon.

“The tribunal did not believe that a lawyer who had been a decision-maker for many years and who had benefited from legal advice throughout the process could misunderstand the issues and especially the potential grant. Otherwise it would be an insult to his intelligence to think,” Judge Bouchard wrote.

Joined Tap, Katya Gagnon’s lawyer declined to comment on the decision.

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