June 24, 2024

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F.-A.- Gauthier ferry returns to dry dock

F.-A.- Gauthier ferry returns to dry dock

Ferry F.-A.- Gauthier They have to go back into the dry dock to fix their oil leak problem.

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The ferry company launched a call for tenders for the dry dock from October 15 to December 15 to handle the work.

The infamous ship is struggling with an oil leak from the gaskets of its thrusters, which were repaired during the last dry dock earlier this year.

Tests on the ship are ongoing, but everything indicates that work needs to be done from the water to fix the problem.

According to STQ’s communications manager, the work should take place over a period of three weeks.

“The goal is to solve this problem precisely so that the ship regains its long-term reliability level,” Alexander Lavoy explained.

Since returning to service last April, the ship F.-A.- Gauthier Loses small amounts of oil, but can still be navigated and serviced during peak season.

The ferry company plans to work this fall. But NM Sarema1 Available for takeover on the Matane-Cote-Nord ferry and thereby provide service.

“Service is not interrupted, it is one of the conditions, there is no question of reducing service to the population,” added Alexander Lavoy, STQ Communications Manager.

The ferry company stays on the course and confirms F.-A.- Gauthier The role of being in a position to provide a matane-quote-nard service and to perform a mandatory task.

“The government said in the spring that we should go to the end of this ship, we should repair it and make it work properly for decades to come,” Mr Lavoy confirmed.

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The deputy for Matane-Matapedia, Pascal Berube, was outraged by this whole saga and instead called for a new ship. “I’m looking at the amount of money being spent in Quebec and Montreal, for Quebec it’s $ 10 billion for a third link; with 200 million, we have the insurance service we need for the next 40 years with a reliable ferry made in Quebec.

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