June 24, 2024

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F1 fans are still waiting for reimbursement

F1 fans are still waiting for reimbursement

If conditions change at the Canadian Grand Prix, its promoter group Octane has just been sold to giant Bell Canada, with one consistent remnant: customers not yet refunded for the 2020 edition.

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Newspaper Many customers reported in December that a private company responsible for organizing the F1 race had promised no octane refund. The company said the last date for a refund was October.

Seeing as some of these clients have settled their cases, this is not the case for Ron Kane, who lives in Ottawa and has been waiting 10 months for a refund for two tickets worth nearly 1000. $.

“I’m disappointed with the way my ticket dealer is dealing, but especially the promoter octane that really damaged Formula 1’s reputation in Canada. I’m so glad to know that Bell is now part of the equation because I do not expect to see my money again,” he said.

Mr. Cain traded with a reseller called the Montreal Grand Prix to buy his tickets. In December, Big Boss and Octane Group owner Franయిois Dumontier made the remarks. Journal At this point he was unable to repay the authorized resellers.

He is also a cavalier towards clients like Ron Cain.

“If people do business with a reseller, that’s their problem, I can’t do anything for them,” he pleaded.

The Montreal Grand Prix, in an exchange with Mr Kaine, made it clear: Formula 1’s travel agency and authorized dealer were waiting for a refund from Octane before paying their own customers.

At least 10 other people Newspaper The speakers were in Mr. Kayne’s situation. They come from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

There is also a petition on the change.org site seeking a refund of Group Octane. Nearly 300 people signed up.

It was the initiative of Torontonian Warren Libman, who received Reimbursement from Group Octane, as some special sites referred to his petition. “I was one of the lucky ones,” he said Journal.

Mr. Libman received an email from Franకోois Dumontier last January to tell him the news.

Petitioners feel, less fortunate. Just two days ago, there were comments explaining that people were considering taking class action to get their money back.

It will be fixed soon, Bell guarantees

Asked if Bell, the new promoter of F1 in Montreal, intends to refund all customers who have requested for the 2020 edition, the company assured yesterday that it would.

“Bell will work with Octane to plan a reimbursement process for ticket holders and resellers in the coming weeks,” said Bell spokeswoman Vanessa Damha.

At this point, ticket holders can email it [email protected] And a Reimbursement Form will be sent to them.

Those who have tickets for the 2020 edition and have chosen to transfer them for the canceled 2021 event will be able to transfer them again for the 2022 race.

The situation should also be resolved soon for authorized resellers, she assures Sandrin Garnia-Le Bell, Communications Director at Octane Group.

« [Ils] Ticket holders will be refunded in the coming weeks. They are responsible for forwarding refunds to their customers, ”she said.

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However, according to the Office de la Protection du Consometor (OPC), there are remedies for those not reimbursed by octane.

As the race does not take place, we may request that the ticket purchase agreement be terminated, and if Octane does not repay 15 days after the cancellation, we may contact their credit card issuer to request a chargeback.

“There is a policy specifically described in the law, for which, it is advisable to call the office to talk to one of our agents and make a complaint. We can guide the person in the steps he should take,” he said.

The OPC has received 11 complaints about the Octane Group over the past two years, the most recent being April 28.

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