July 20, 2024

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Family doctors are at the end of their rope

Family doctors are at the end of their rope

Burnout, pain and anxiety, and for some, suicidal thoughts. The diagnosis is clear: Family doctors are as bad in Ontario as in the rest of the country.

Those already affected by the pandemic are out of practice in large numbers, there doesn’t seem to be any panic in the corporation, and all the lights are red.

The profession was adopted by the Ontario College of Family Physicians last May. In a report the company explained Alarm bell65% of the 1,300 physicians surveyed indicated their intention to leave their practice or reduce work hours in the next five years.

During a family physician’s work week, approximately 40% is devoted to administrative tasks.

Photo: Radio-Canada / David Donnelly

The situation of their colleagues in the rest of the country is no longer promising: in a survey by the Canadian Medical Association from 2021 – and thus in the middle of the pandemic – one in two Canadian doctors said they were suffering from professional burnout.

That data worry Jean-Joseph Conde, doctor and spokesmanAMC, Especially when we know that the Canadian population is aging and the need will increase with more complex health care, more comorbidity and longer hospital stays..

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