July 23, 2024

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LOS ANGELES: She was offered $200,000 for her dog and refused

LOS ANGELES: She was offered $200,000 for her dog and refused

The owner of a tiny Doberman Pinscher was offered $200,000 by a stranger who wanted to buy her puppy, and her response divided the Internet.

“Someone offered me $200,000 (C$271,890) for our puppy, and I told my husband, ‘Absolutely not,'” the young woman explained. Would you sell your dogs for $200,000? This is my baby!”

Alexis Elliott told the story to her subscribers on Tik Tok in a video that has more than 950,000 views, but the situation caused a lot of reaction from users, the “New York Post” reported.

Some simply did not believe the seriousness of the proposal, while others believed that Ms. expressed their disbelief at Elliott’s refusal.

“It’s a crime not to accept $200,000,” exclaimed one user.

“In this economic context? Yes,” replied another.

“I would have run upstairs and packed his stuff really fast,” joked a third.

Others used the video to offer their own animal for $200,000. One of these answers has gone viral with over 5 million views.

However, many users defended the young woman’s refusal.

“Absolutely not. People who say yes shouldn’t own dogs,” another user replied. This dog is my life.”

“Oh my god never. It breaks my heart to feel my dog ​​is confused and abandoned,” added another.

In the comments, other people shared stories of Alexis Elliott, who was not the first to experience this funny situation.

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