May 23, 2024

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Federal elections: Is the third link project in jeopardy? | 3rd link

Federal elections: Is the third link project in jeopardy?  |  3rd link

The third link project was a little weaker this morning compared to what it was 24 hours ago, Suggested by Jean Mercier, associate professor and co-author of the Department of Political Science at Laval UniversityA book on public transport in Quebec.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government must rule with the support of the New Democratic Party (NPD), Coalition Avenir is a party openly opposed to the Quebec project, Ottawa’s funds are far from guaranteed, according to the professor.

If the Federal Liberals do not promise in the election campaign, they will do so, at least in a minority role after re-election.

Political scientist Jean Mercier wrote the book “How to Deal with Transport Disputes in Quebec? “

Photo: Radio-Canada

Before the election call, Prime Minister Franois Legalt spoke directly with Justin Trudeau To ask him to estimate 40% of the tunnel bill. Unlike the Conservative Party, the Liberal government has always refused to support the highway project, but has shown its readiness to fund the public transport sector. Indicates everything PLC Maintains his position.

If the anti-third link position was weakened, it would have happened during the election.

A quote from:Jean Mercier, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Laval University

At a press conference on Tuesday, Franకోois Legalt said his government would carry out the project without funding from Ottawa.

But I expect federal money, The Prime Minister added.

Cold between Quebec and Ottawa

Thinly wrapped support From Franకోois Legalt to the Conservative Party in the election campaign, too, according to Jean-Mercier, the project could be harmed, at least in the short term.

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Obviously, over time, if both governments realize their interest in cooperating, the cold will not last long. Except for that […] Unintentional attitude [des libéraux] The project lasts up to.

On Tuesday morning, he wrote a short message on Twitter to congratulate Quebec Premier Justin Trudeau. I will work with him to advance Quebec interests, He wrote.

Conservatives who hoped to make a profit in the Quebec City area were only able to retain their profits because of the project’s positive attitude. The new members for Bellecase – Les Etchimins – Lewis, Dominic Vian, said she was closely monitoring the progress of the project. As for Gerard Deltell, who was re-elected in Louis-Saint-Laurent, he has no regrets about his party’s support for the project.

The mayors are questioning each other

Montgomery Mayor Bernard Boulette hopes the project will move forward despite differences between Quebec and Ottawa.

I hope it doesn’t hurt as much because Mr. Legalt has a little more emphasis on the Black and the Conservatives. They must agree to continue development one day, An elected official who believes the tunnel project is an asset for the economic development of his area.

Other elected officials in the Quebec City area plan to respond daily to the election results.

More details are yet to come

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