April 23, 2024

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FEQ Passes Rent: Fraudsters claim multiple victims

FEQ Passes Rent: Fraudsters claim multiple victims

Many people who want to attend the Festival d’été de Québec turn to resale websites in the hope of finding passes to attend shows, but many end up being scammed.

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This is especially the case for Raphaëlle Morel, 21, who posted on one of the many Facebook groups dedicated to renting FEQ passes to attend a Pitbull show.

A man with the fictitious name Alex wrote to him to lend him two access passes for $100.

However, a $200 security deposit is required to secure the rental return.

The fraudster even provided her with a fake health insurance card to reassure her.

Reluctantly, the young woman agreed to send him the money.

“He sent me his confirmation that he bought the festival passes, his health insurance card, he assured me, the festival goer said. I paid him $200.

“Yesterday I got a message in the group saying this guy is a fraud. He changed his name and he blocked me. So, nothing more.”

This situation represents a lot of sadness and anger for her.

“I screamed in rage. I am a student and $300 is two and a half weeks worth of groceries,” said the young woman.

The fraudster would have made many victims.

Quebec police indicate they are investigating the situation as well as the phenomenon.

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Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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