July 24, 2024

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Finding a mover is difficult

Finding a mover is difficult

Six weeks before July 1, the moving companies were almost full in Marseille. Some tenants have a harder time than others finding their mover on time.

According to François Lagasse, Director of DeManagement Martel Express, the year promises to be busy. If the housing crisis forces customers to stay at the same address, companies have fewer weapons. The result: the calendar fills up fast.

Due to lack of employees, some companies no longer offer residential moving services. In the case of Transports Valois in Trois-Rivières it should focus entirely on commercial transport. Its customers find themselves elsewhere.

“I am getting a lot of calls. Summer is almost already “loaded”. I have a few places available in July,” comments Brian Mino, owner of Les Us du Deménagement.

Third floor tenants may have more trouble getting services this year. Finding your mover can be complicated, as many companies in Trois-Rivières have stopped providing service. “They’re more selective in a way, employees. […] There are many companies that don’t. for what Risk of injury. We are already understaffed,” explained Mathieu Blee, general manager of Bro Déménagement.

Again, rejected customers tend to turn to the few companies that accept them. The choice is sometimes significantly reduced.

As for the invoice, depending on the moving date and company chosen, prices can vary between $200 and $300 per hour. A less dramatic increase than last year, especially due to the rise in oil prices.

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