May 23, 2024

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“Galchenyuk and I walked in the storm overnight …”

"Galchenyuk and I walked in the storm overnight ..."

Cedric Pockett loves hockey. He was able to make his maiden voyage with the Hurricanes on Monday, reaching a level of 1,325 km between Ottawa and Raleigh.

On Saturday afternoon, it was discovered that the senators had traded Quebecator Alex Galchenyuk and him in place of Ryan Dijenzel. Next destination for them: Carolina.

For Pacquiao, losing even a small part of his new formation is not questionable.

“Car trip is such a simple choice”, first introduced to the “GIC” program by the former Armada of Blaineville-Boisbryand.

“I haven’t played in many days and can’t wait to jump on the ice.”

Paquet admitted that the hours after the transaction was announced were confusing.

“I was in Winnipeg when I learned about the conversion. I went to Toronto with a group of senators. Then, Galchenyuk and I headed to Ottawa for a midnight blizzard. We arrived in Ottawa at 3am.

“I slept for a few hours. When I woke up, I packed my things and then at 10am I left for the rally. It took me 12 hours to get there. ”

“Strange start to the season”

Cedric Paquet admitted that he was very happy to come to the rally as he had left Ottawa. For Cubacos, the context is not conducive to “senses.”

The Ottoman team are currently bottom of the overall NHL standings with a 4-12-1 record and are often left out for strange reasons.

“It’s a very strange start to the season for me. It’s very different from what I had. I did not shy away from the conversion, but you can not say I’re not happy about it. In Ottawa, it seemed easy for me to get out of coaching training.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.

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