July 19, 2024

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Garage inflation: See why the bill is rising

Garage inflation: See why the bill is rising

The average cost of repairing a damaged vehicle has increased dramatically in just a few years.

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According to Mitchell International, the bill rose 38% in the United States.

This phenomenon has not spared the province of Quebec, where the bill is also rising.

“Many factors come into play. Technologies embedded on vehicles cost much more than before”, he immediately exemplified Stéphane Belisle, representative of the Association des Specialists de Neu & Mécanique du Québec (ASPMQ).

Not only are parts more expensive, technicians also need more training to repair these different technologies.

Vehicles are also more difficult to repair than before, Mr. Belisle notes. Technicians often have to do more research to fix different cars.

Garages also face increased costs as they occasionally need to purchase new tools to work on vehicles.

Electric vehicles don’t make things easy for techies either.

“It’s more complex, it takes trained personnel. All these times are becoming longer because of research, analysis and diagnosis, the complexity of vehicles and the way they are now built,” explained Mr Belisle.

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