April 14, 2024

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Richard Martineau P-È-TE au fret: A disturbing rumour

Richard Martineau P-È-T-E au frette: rumeur inquiétante

– Wow…

– Rumors spread in the Journal de Montreal.

– Daily plans to cut several jobs by the end of the summer.

– seems to have affected the stars of the journal as well…

– Richard Martino DE-TE and tick..

– But…

– He writes his milk against the whole life …

– Worrying…

I see the society I live in and I don’t recognize myself.

All the humanitarian values ​​I had spent my life defending took the edge off. .

I look at the world and I understand nothing.

Leftists who fought against censorship support censorship!

– Wow…

Anti-racists who want to stop judging people by the color of their skin judge people by the color of their skin!

Feminists who burned bras are crazy!

Artists who have fought tooth and nail to protect their freedom and independence will accept the ideological restrictions that suppress and threaten their freedom and independence without wavering!

We look at the world and we say “WTF?”

The activists who ate the priests became priests!

The nationalism of the youth who proudly wave the Quebec flag is poisonous!

Actors in the cultural milieu who advocated mixing, intermingling and internalizing walls between communities to “protect” the purity of cultures!

Teachers who want to uplift their students keep getting in the way!

In short, the world has turned upside down.

What is above is below and what is below is above.

We are witnessing a complete reversal of the values ​​I spent my early years defending.

And will they tell me that I have changed?

But the world has changed, and I am in the same place!

So, did someone come into the house and change all the stuff while we were sleeping?

We can’t find anything! We can’t figure anything out anymore!

– It remains to be seen if the Journal de Montreal wants to show its “has been stars” the way…

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– Otherwise the young journalists will get lost.

– Martino talks about a man in BOUTTE…

– Why not retire before P-É-TER in FRETTE.

– He can save many jobs with his DELUXE salary.

– He is such a humanitarian our national “Richie Rich”…

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