July 23, 2024

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Government's failure in regard to doctors

Government's failure in regard to doctors

Family doctors work less. This is clear from the latest RAMQ data Compiled by News magazine. We doubt it despite the claims of their federal president.

We must assess the gravity of this failure from the perspective of the Quebec government. All the last Ministers of Health shared the same obsession: getting doctors to increase services to the population. Access is the first problem.

To achieve this, our health ministers have repeatedly pulled out the checkbook. By increasing the fee for services, we wanted to incentivize doctors more. And through all kinds of bonuses, we want to direct their work towards priority actions and more sensitive clients.

A lot of money

Additional billions were paid in hopes of increasing service delivery. Despite the tense negotiations with the FMOQ, the government has always dealt with financial incentives, always through strong-arm methods.

Gayton Barrett only once threatened to resort to the penalties provided for in the law for inadequate patient care, but was prevented from doing so by his employer. Doctors should not be upset by political reasons.

We found that raising wages can have the opposite effect of what we are looking for. Because there are two different ways to react to a remuneration increase.

I am making a case for discussion purposes. Additional work is required by the construction contractor. He suggests that his employees come home half an hour earlier in the morning and leave half an hour later at the end of the day. For this extra hour, he increases their wages by $400 to $500 per day. A week so $2500 instead of $2000. selfishness

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A disaster for my entrepreneur if too many employees prioritize quality of life and free time. So at $500 a day, they tell themselves they can go a four-day week, bringing home the previous $2,000. Managed Income, Increased Free Time!

Quality of life

In this age of valuing quality of life, I think this is exactly what is happening with our doctors. Many are taking advantage of their favorable economic conditions to work less and bring home the same pay.

Let's face it, we live well on an annual income of between $250,000 and $300,000. In the case of pairs of doctors, multiply by two. Extra dollars, taxed at 53%, are worth less than free time days. It is hard to blame doctors for this logical reasoning. The government should review its strategy.

Until today, doctors' working hours have been kept secret. Christian Dubey is right to fight for the Minister and the population to get this important data.

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