July 23, 2024

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Suspension of the second RTC union leader

Suspension of the second RTC union leader

The president of the RTC Maintenance Employees Union, Nicholas Luzel, has been suspended for a week. the sun.

At the time of writing, neither management nor the union wanted to reveal what Mr. Luazel was accused of. “As this is confidential information, the RTC will not comment publicly on this matter,” responded RTC spokesperson Raphael Savard.

For his part, Nicolas Lauzel has pleaded not guilty. “These are false allegations,” the union president assured in a message on Facebook. But he doesn't want to stop there. He plans to defend himself in court.

“We at the RTC are calling on unions to absolve themselves of their mismanagement and to uphold their responsibility to provide a harassment-free workplace.”

Nicholas Lauzell

Less than a month ago, the president of the drivers' union, Helen Fortin, was suspended without pay for three months. Ms. Fortin received the disciplinary sanction after an administrative hearing.

Maintenance Employees Union represents 332 members in RTC. Its President, Mr. Lauzel, in his media tours, has often criticized the RTC, particularly condemning RTC's subcontracting practices in the operation of its buses.

The Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP CSN), which represents maintenance employees in particular, did not want to comment on the suspension of Nicolas Lauzel.

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