June 24, 2024

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Half more Ontarians than announced 2 doses of vaccine | Coronavirus: Ontario

Doug Ford observe une infirmière qui s'apprête à administrer un vaccin contre la COVID-19 à Toronto.

A spokesman for Health Minister Christine Elliott described the group as “misunderstood” by officials who said they had been completely vaccinated.

Instead of providing data on the number of people who have been fully vaccinated (those who received two doses of vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna), the authorities incorrectly entered the number of doses given to obtain full immunity., Attach- says Alexandra Hilken.

The error was corrected Thursday morning. According to the latest report, nearly 55,300 Ontarians have received two doses since mid-December.

The total number of doses administered in Ontario, more than 217,000 as of Wednesday, is always correct, according to Ms. Hilken.

This is another tile for the Dougford government, which has been criticized for slowing down the vaccination campaign, especially in nursing homes.

Liberal health commentator John Fraser said the error in the data was “not surprising”.

This is one thing after another with this campaign [de vaccination], He he said. The Prime Minister said that we are ready when the vaccines come. Obviously this is not the case.

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