July 23, 2024

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He makes his daughter happy and gives her a birthday party at McDonald’s, which costs him an arm

Il fait plaisir à sa fille et lui offre un anniversaire au McDonald’s, cela lui a coûté un bras

Nick Forrester is a caring father who wants to make his daughter happy for her birthday. Although the parents are not fans of fast food, they decided to celebrate by going to McDonald’s.

The family visited a restaurant in Stoke-on-Trent, southern Britain, which had a children’s play area. The kids played and ate and the birthday party went on longer than expected. However, Nick didn’t expect it to cost him so much.

In fact, Nick received a fine from the company that manages the restaurant’s parking lot for parking his car too long. A spokesperson for the ParkingEye company explained that there are signs clearly indicating the conditions for McDonald’s customers, including a maximum of 90 minutes. Although Nick was angry, he had to pay a parking fine of £100, which is about 100 euros.

When Nick hears the news, he asks to see the McDonald’s manager, but he explains to him that he doesn’t manage the parking lot. Nick is very disappointed and says he will never go back to this McDonald’s. Although it may sound like a trivial story, these parking issues sometimes cause trouble for innocent customers.

Not surprisingly, Nick is not the first customer to experience problems with parking spaces at McDonald’s or other supermarkets. Penalties are often imposed on users who want to spend more time than the maximum allowed. This situation is frustrating for families who want to spend happy time together.

In either case, the fast food chain loses a customer and faces bad publicity. McDonald’s should revise their parking policies to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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