April 18, 2024

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Bad news for a large number of Netflix subscribers in Canada

Bad news for a large number of Netflix subscribers in Canada

While the last few months have not been easy for Netflix, the popular streaming platform has announced some major news that will affect its large number of subscribers. CTV News.

Recall that a few months ago Netflix implemented its policy aimed at limiting the sharing of passwords between multiple addresses.

The decision has sparked frustration and anger among many internet users who have not hesitated to unsubscribe from the streaming platform.

This time around, CTV News tells us Netflix will phase out its $9.99 subscription, allowing users to take advantage of the streaming platform’s offering without being bothered by ads.

CTV News says it’s the cheapest subscription to enjoy Netflix without ads.

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The television channel said that this new measure is only for new subscribers. In fact, former subscribers to the $9.99 ad-free plan will continue to benefit from this offer until they change their plan or cancel their account.

Therefore, new Netflix subscribers have to make a difficult choice: pay more to enjoy Netflix without ads, or pay less but be “suffered” by ads.

CTV News recalls that Netflix offers a $5.99 per month subscription that allows the streaming platform to be used on two screens at the same time with ads.

Netflix also offers a subscription for $16.49 per month, allowing you to use the streaming platform on two screens at the same time without ads.

Finally, Netflix also offers a $20.99 subscription with 4K high-definition video and the ability to add two users who don’t live in the same household.

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