April 23, 2024

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Health union releases: “785 people paid to wreak havoc at hospital”

Health union releases: “785 people paid to wreak havoc at hospital”

According to data obtained by TVA Nouvelles, this is equivalent to 785 people released daily to fulfill their union function in the health network.

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Political analysts consider it too big.

“785 people were paid to go to the hospital and wreak havoc (…) and who pays for that? They are taxpayers. Jean Charest already told me the other day that the problem is that when it comes time to appoint a director of a hospital, you have to find someone who has good relations with the union,” lamented Luc Lavoie.

On several occasions since launching a special consultation on his reform, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey has tried to question the unions on the relevance of these union holidays.

“The only goal that Mr. Dubé wanted to bring forward is that this health network has a big machine that feeds the beast of potentially conflicting labor relations. We need to clean up a little bit so that we come up with a more rational number,” said Emmanuel Latravers.

According to Yasmin Abdelfadel, these union releases also weigh in collective bargaining negotiations.

“When the FIQ goes out of their way to say there’s nothing to protect, that’s not really motivating them on a daily basis. They should protect these 800 people and release these thousands of hours and this will enable them to continue to exist,” said the political columnist.

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