June 16, 2024

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Honda Pilot 2024 Trailsport | In search of essentials

Ma Côte-Nord

Special contribution, Marc Bouchard, automotive journalist

The 2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport is like a cozy old sweater you throw on to face a busy day. It may not have the glitz of the latest electric SUVs, but it sure knows what it is and what it has to offer. There are no pomps and extravagant pretenses. Just the essentials.

You will quickly realize this when you look at the exterior. Although it was completely redesigned last year, it adopts the rounded lines and less prominent grille of the rest of the family.

Indeed, the Honda Pilot Trailsport is a tribute to design simplicity. It doesn't try to impress with futuristic curves or aggressive lines. On the contrary, it relies on an elongated hood, set-back front pillars and a beefy beltline. It almost seems like a return to basics for a time when SUVs had less elaborate shapes.

However, a bright blue called Dynamic Pearl, exclusive to the Trailsport version, makes it less discreet, which is a wonderful thing.

Practical and functional

Inside, the Honda Pilot Trailsport has its little momentum. Neutral shades soften the horizontal display. Sure, the quality of materials doesn't rival that of a luxury SUV or more elaborate versions like the Mazda CX-90, but assembly is solid and practicality is there.

The storage spaces in the front and rear doors are there to prove it. The rear seats are comfortable, although the seats are a little low. Up front, I'll admit it took me a few extra minutes to find the ideal driving position, but once installed, it was comfortable.

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And since the Honda Pilot is a 7-passenger, we're glad Honda thought of an ingenious mechanism to access the third row with a simple button. Just practical.

Under the hood

The Honda Pilot TrailSport's 3.5L V6 produces 285 horsepower at 6,100 rpm, which is significantly more than the previous engine. No frills here either. Honda has updated this naturally aspirated engine, which has been with the Pilot since its infancy. The VTEC system is gone in favor of a more traditional double overhead camshaft configuration. No fuss, but proven reliability and enough power to move the SUV's imposing frame. A 10-speed automatic transmission completes the picture, offering smooth and efficient gear changes.

All-wheel drive and a choice of driving modes enhance the vehicle's features. But, because of the relative anonymity of its design, the Pilot's steering does not exhibit the desired precision or communication with the road. We are obliged to insist more to obtain a certain accuracy.

As for the suspensions, they are supposed to be better suited for rough trails, which makes them a little softer for the road. As during sudden braking, the weight transfer feels persistent when cornering.

I have to say: I highly recommend the Honda Pilot. It's reliable, solid, well assembled and has undeniable resale value. Unfortunately, the ride is a bit boring, even for an SUV of this size. You won't get a thrill or a big smile while driving the pilot. On the other hand, you will reach your destination easily and worry-free.

And sometimes, that's what you need: an SUV that gets the job done without the fuss, with rock-solid reliability. So, put on your old sweater, hop into the Honda Pilot TrailSport and head out on an adventure. You will not be disappointed.

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