June 18, 2024

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How Google can see you from your smartphone as you walk

Comment Google peut vous faire lever les yeux de votre smartphone lorsque vous marchez

It is less and less rare to see people on the street, their gaze is on their smartphone rather than in front of them. There are a lot of conflicts between cell phone addicts and this kind of behavior can lead to hilarious collisions and other funny situations, which can even lead to more dangerous incidents. To avoid this Google has decided to add a new feature to its Digital Prosperity Android app.

Named Heads Up, this option detects when the phone is in motion and sends alerts to its user, Google explains: “If you’re running using your phone, you get a notification to focus on what you’re doing. It is therefore possible to receive messages such as “. Smartphone owner”.See where you set foot“,”Look up“Or”Be careful“, Explains the RTBF.

This option is currently only available on Google Pixel phones, which the US company regularly uses to test its new features before releasing them more widely. Cnet has tested a beta version of Heads Up, which Google hopes will soon extend to all phones running Android. The reporter who tried the option failed to trigger the head-up alerts, as he wandered around his house, his eyes cracking on his smartphone, scrolling through his Twitter feed or especially sending emails and SMS. But the app is undoubtedly recognized, thanks to the geographical location, that this user is in a known place (his home). On Twitter, a user explained that he had received a notification. “Look up“He walked away from home using his phone. The beta version still needs some improvement.

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