April 18, 2024

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How the Kim Dynasty brainwashed the North Koreans for generations

How the Kim Dynasty brainwashed the North Koreans for generations

For more than three generations, North Korea’s Kim dynasty has hijacked the ancient image of the Korean people – telling the blatant lies of the God-like abilities of dictators – to justify their power and brainwash the citizens of the Hermit Kingdom.

The Kims have long claimed to be a “mountain-packed blood line.” Baikdu Mountain is located in the north and is the highest and most sacred place on the peninsula for all Koreans. Where it is The spiritual founder of the Koreans, Dungun, is the son of a god and a bear, 2333 B.C.

“It is difficult to overstate how sacred Mount Bekt is for all Koreans,” David Maxwell, a retired US Army Special Forces colonel and North Korean expert, told The Post. “This is important for the birth of Korea. Everywhere in the south you see pictures of the mountain. Military officers sit south of the mess halls so that they can see the image of Baektu to the north. “

Kim Jong Un, 37, the youngest grandson of Kim Il Sung, who founded North Korea in 1948, often rides a white horse on the snowy slopes of the mountain. He is said to have climbed 9,000 feet He wore it twice – at least twice – in a long coat, expensive pants and shiny dress shoes.

It has long been said to the North Koreans that Kim Il Sung and his guerrilla forces fought the Japanese occupation troops here and that his son, Kim Jong Un’s father, was born on the mountain in Kim Jong Il. His father was deported at the time, despite credible reports that Kim Jong-un was actually born in the Soviet Union.

Stories of eye-opening powers: Kim, who has not been seen publicly since May 1, drives a car at age 3, travels competitively at age 9, makes 11 holes in one round of golf, her father walks in at 3 weeks old, this doozy – a unicorn Found the lie.

“The Kims really stand on the shoulders of giants by linking to the mounted story,” Sean King, a North Korean expert with Park Strategists’ political consulting firm, told The Post. “They have suggested that the Kim family has the divine right to rule the peninsula by incorporating themselves into the creation of the entire Korean race. The overall goal is this: to rule the entire country. “

But in some outrageous campaigns, seismic change can occur.

Rocketman took a calculated risk this month when state media acknowledged that Kim’s grandfather wasn’t really capable.chukjibeop”-“ Folding the space, ”the supernatural ability to make people look and disappear or travel over time.

Eliminating some hysterical, supernatural stories, North Korea experts in West and South Korea say that it is wise to focus on the most realistic misinformation that Kim Jong can play better with your mass.

Analysts say he’s smarter than he appears.

“Although North Koreans are isolated, Kim Jong Un knows that they have more access to electronic devices and smuggled DVDs,” said North Korean scholar Michael Madden 39 North, Told The Post.

“He knows his people are not going to buy some of these things anymore.

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