April 14, 2024

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“I hope the population will ask you to resign,” one municipal councilor told another.

"I hope the population will ask you to resign," one municipal councilor told another.

At least the debate is over for now. In Saguenay, there is no additional municipal councilor in Chicoutimi district.

A motion presented by Councilor Serge Gaudreault was defeated by a majority of 8 to 7. After the vote, Mr Gaudreault invited people to demand Michel Potvin's resignation.

“That's all you deserve,” the Chicoutimi-Nord councilor insisted.

Chicoutimi Borough Councilor Michelle Potvin was the only one to vote against the resolution.

However, Jean-Marc Crevier from Janquier and Reynold Simard from La Baie supported the proposal.

That means, in Serge Gaudault's view, Mr. Potvin is responsible for the rejection.

Many citizens of Chicoutimi-Nord left the room after voting, and some voiced their displeasure to Mayor Dufour.

At the table at the end of the session, Serge Gaudreault openly attacked Michel Potvin.

In the short term, the Saguenay districts will remain the same in the 2025 elections.

Councilors who voted against say the proposal does not address the issue of equal representation.

Mayor Dufour has promised a consultation on inequality, which will bring together councilors and experts to tackle the issue in time for the 2029 election.

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