June 16, 2024

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Incidents involving Boeing planes: Should these planes be avoided?

Incidents involving Boeing planes: Should these planes be avoided?

Several incidents involving Boeing aircraft have made headlines recently, causing concern among some passengers.

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The latest on the list was an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Lyon, France, in which the pilots had to turn around mid-flight due to a problem maintaining cabin pressure.

The aircraft used in this flight is Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Two more Boeing planes belonging to Air France had to make an emergency landing last week.

While these incidents may make some people not want to book flights on Boeing planes, one expert believes we “shouldn't go that far.”

“I think it's an exaggeration,” Mehran Ebrahimi, director of the International Aeronautics and Civil Aviation Observatory, told LCN in an interview.

“First, we see these problems in the case of New Zealand, but also in the case of Air Canada and Air France there was no major incident. “Fortunately, there were no injuries, no deaths, no crashes,” he explained.

The latter recalls that pilots are trained to respond to this type of incident.

“Pilots know these things and they value passengers' lives just like airlines do,” Mehran Ebrahimi said.

He also stressed that regulations governing the aviation sector in Canada are “very, very strict.”

“I think we can continue to trust the pilots, the maintenance people, our airlines and our system, which means everything that has to do with the regulations in Canada,” the expert summed up.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.

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