May 19, 2024

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Is Andrew Cuomo facing impeachment?

Is Andrew Cuomo facing impeachment?

Last year the Democrats struggled to find a candidate to take on Donald Trump and Joe Biden struggled to stand out from the pack, with many observers promoting the New State Democratic governor.

As the pandemic severely affected his condition, Cuomo regularly confronted the press, answering questions emphatically while showing empathy. Many saw this as the leader responsible for the lack of leadership from the White House.

To the Quebecois friends who asked me about the late candidacy for governor, I replied that Andrew Cuomo had already assessed his ability and that he was willing to exercise restraint. Why? With a loud mouth and a little macho, the governor is no stranger to politics and has some skeletons in his room. We know the man and his friction style.

After embodying opposition to Trump, Andrew Cuomo can now face the same test that has been publicly abused on so many occasions. He could also escape the impeachment process, but his chances of being re-elected in 2022 are likely to be severely shaken. He aims to be in a state where there are no restrictions on the number of re-elections.

What did we blame Andrew Cuomo for? His Republican opponents, but also Democratic allies, are reacting strongly to a member of his administration agreeing to reduce the number of deaths in retirement homes. So we changed the data.

After the Donald Trump administration was attacked for rejecting scientific data, the governor tried to hide the facts and restore his image. Political recovery from Trump behavior and health crisis.

I’ll skip that Andrew Cuomo’s brother is CNN’s star host Chris Cuomo. The latter reserved several sections of his presentation for discussions with his elders, of whom he was campaigning at the time of the exchange, which he considered particularly embarrassing. In addition, the host is now facing criticism for ignoring his brother’s backlash coverage.

So the New York governor is going through a storm and he has a lot to do to resolve the dilemma. His popularity has dropped ten points since the end of January, leaving him little room for maneuver.

Since Democrats control both houses of the state Congress, I wonder if Cuomo is accused of impeachment. Its opponents do not fail to exploit this crisis, however, its allies do not seriously come to its aid in such a case.

For now, Cuomo has denied any attempt to hide the data, although he admits he has been slow to transmit it. How to explain this delay? High work for his staff and for him. Since his team was unable to produce all the data for journalists in real time, the latter filled the media vacuum by expressing their doubts, hence the controversy.

Andrew Cuomo will get out of this crisis, but it shows that Cuomo’s path is flawless. This is not the first time we have criticized its policy and its management. As governor of a deep democracy, he has never had a large majority. The confusion he faces is an additional indicator to explain that he has not started the presidential election campaign. His file is not spotless and it is polarizing.

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