May 23, 2024

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“It destroys the product! “

“It destroys the product!  "

Brendan Gallagher is still in shock that his last game goal to give the Canadians victory was denied. In his opinion, the NHL should be more orderly in its decision making, because in the end, the NHL loses.

The Canadians lost in a shootout to the Ottawa senators, but if the game against Gallagher had not been thwarted by a late goaltender, Hobbs would have exited the Canadian capital by two points. In fact, before the Canadians’ number could deviate from point 11, it was pushed by defender Nikita Zaitsev over goalkeeper Matt Murray so that the small striker had no choice. Rather than having a brief relationship with the Sense Keeper, the latter causes her to lose her balance in a flash. According to the NHL verdict, Gallagher’s gesture damaged Murray in his move and did not allow him to re – osition himself by the time he faced the shot.

Apparently, Gallagher was not yet convicted and he told a news conference: “I am still looking for a logical explanation! “

The striker said he was upset about the decision to cancel his goal, especially as all the artisans on the Betman circuit know about the same criteria that plague the goalkeeper at the beginning of each year: We saw in the examples that the New York Islanders player came into contact with Frederick Anderson of the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was time for Anderson to re-establish himself, and Puck entered the net and was given the goal. On the game, I had time to re-osch myself and the goalkeeper too. I’m in the goalie zone, but I’m trying to get out of the zone. We have seen many examples of a player being pushed over the goalkeeper, but the goal is given. “

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According to the Canadians player, the league should review its standards: “For some reason, tonight’s series exception, I do not know, in my opinion it will destroy the product!” We need consistency in the calls of the authorities, ”he said after the match.

Although it is frustrating to lose this way after working so hard to come back from behind, Gallagher knows that events like this are part of the game and the team will have to ignore them if they are to move forward and make progress.

“It’s part of a professional athlete job, these are happening and we’re going to wake up. It’s a good test to see how strong our team is.”

Listen to Brendan Gallagher’s press briefing in the video above.

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