May 21, 2024

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Johnson and Bogosian movements tell of Dubas’ desire to receive

Johnson and Bogosian movements tell of Dubas' desire to receive

TORONTO – When Kyle Dubas signed the core forum, the general manager then cut $ 40 million, some of which may have failed to do so, reading the fine print.

Keeping the elite-skill nucleus of John Tavares, Aston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander intact means ignoring those who fill time on the edge of “we can and we”.

The last two off-seasons have eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs’ middle-class forwards.

Patrick Marley is a sentimental favorite, but, alas, the overpay that needs to be shipped to facilitate Marner hike.

Taken with personal face value, the contracts of Nazim Kadri, Connor Brown, Caspari Capanen, Trevor Moore, Frederick Gautier and now, Andreas Johnson are not so bad. (A couple simple bargains.)

However, the salary-cap world – especially the flat-cap, pandemic-purge world – should consider any leaf that has not been named Jack Hyman, whose hat hit more than 1 million but less than 96 6.96 million, worth spending on itself.

Newcomer Wayne Symonds has a reason to negotiate a no-move clause, even though they rarely come up with deals worth $ 1.5 million. Alexander Kerfoot ($ 3.5 million) had a reason for throwing his name in the rumor mill.

Thanksgiving weekend, Toronto’s financial blueprint may seem harsh for a feel-good story like Johnson’s.

From friendly Sweden seventh-round draft gambling to Calder Cup champion and AHL playoff MVP, he has risen to the top-six winger with the offensive NHL juggernaut.

But the blueprint counts.

Definitely business.

So, Dubas traded “mango” – its nickname Meaning “good man” In Swedish – it is impossible for the New Jersey Devils to pretend to be more than a salary dump.

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Johnson, 25, will be out for 20 goals in his only complete NHL campaign.

The 22-year-old, five-foot-11 NHL / AHL ‘tweeter Joey Anderson arrives with a chip on his shoulder and strong skates under his feet. He can become a good role player. He could be trapped in a third row limbo like Nick Peyton.

Anderson is a limited free agent who needs a new contract with Toronto.

Over the next three seasons Johnson’s 4 3.4 million AAV will clear the room for the latest stream of bargaining power – Symonds, former Washington Capitals center Travis Boyd ($ 700,000), KHL importer Alexander Barabanov (25 925,000) – as well as a fine on Saturday night Jack Bose million 1 million) purchase.

We sign two enthusiastic thumbs of Bogosian.

Heck, the dollar per minute, the recent Stanley Cup champion could offer better value than locking-up TJ Brady on Friday.

A pure right shot with strong underlying numbers, average streak and skill to kill penalties, fits the Bogosian “existence” and “variety of depth defenseman” bill. Dubas agreed to be added to his list this week.

Haters, give GM some credit.

Dubas is not setting fire to the blueprint (that is, catering to the fan base’s “Trade Nylander!” Sector), but he is committed to survival, improvement, and playoff-readiness. Hopefully.

He is sacrificing goals for defense. He misses some scoring chances to avoid some scoring chances. Because, hey, even the great takeover team only had 58 percent of the time.

With the Bogosian signature, GM is simultaneously guarding against inevitable injuries and challenging young defenders such as Travis Dermot, Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Lilgegren to earn their ice time.

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Dubas will soon take on assembled players to receive it. They need to succeed in the playoff trenches.

“I was not transformed on one thing,” Dubas said in the heated hours over the early removal of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

“The vision, for me, must always change. I do not think any business or team will be successful in the long run without a vision or a way of doing things and change.

“I am not a stubborn person. The goal next year is to bring us to a different level, for sure, to the level at which we are progressing and to stand year after year as a team in a competitive year. ”

In the wake of Saturday’s moves, restricted free agents Dermot and Ilya Mikheyev (who filed for mediation) still need deals. Dubas has about 3 1.3 million caps of space to work with.

The 2020-21 Maple Leafs list is not stoned.

However, it is getting tougher to play.

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