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KFC By-St-Paul | The Charlevocian

KFC By-St-Paul |  The Charlevocian

A catering offer wins a player in Bye-Saint-Paul. A KFC will open its doors in December. It is located in a room in the building that houses the Shell convenience store service station on Boulevard Monseigneur-De Laval.

Perry Marcoux manages the restaurant. He already owns two, and in Baie-Saint-Paul, at the Galeries de la Capitale and Beauport. “I love Baie-Saint-Paul. Who doesn’t love Baie-Saint-Paul,” he adds. This place is very well located at the intersection of Route 138,” continues this September-Illes native.

The Bi-Saint-Paul KFC will cover an area of ​​1,820 square feet. Initially, it was A&W that had to settle there. The chain hasn’t given up on Bi-Saint-Paul. “It will settle in the eco-district of Les Moissans. The restaurant will be large. The search for a franchisee is ongoing,” explained promoter Yves Simard, owner of both sites.

Opening this KFC restaurant represents a $1 million investment. Space development work is required and the restaurant must be furnished, with its drive-thru service and dining room. “With the new fryers, the chicken tastes like it did 30 years ago,” says the dynamic Perry Marcoux, who “loves to see customers leave with a smile. Fried chicken is a source of joy”.

KFC franchisees find it a challenge to hire workers. “I don’t attack because I don’t want to be offended. In Quebec, we hired 70 people in one year. Already, one cook wants to go to Baie-Saint-Paul. I think we should also hire local people who participate in the community. KFC Baie-Saint-Paul will be a good corporate citizen, ” concludes the man who worked for Tim Hortons for 13 years before switching banners to KFC.

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