May 21, 2024

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Kovid-19 is transmitted from humans to cats

Kovid-19 is transmitted from humans to cats

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Scottish researchers have identified exactly two cases of virus transmission from owner to their pet

Can a human with Kovid-19 infect an animal? In this era of global epidemic, the question is not one that many researchers will resort to, but will focus on the appearance of more contagious and dangerous variants. But it was recently studied by researchers at the University of Glasgow (Scotland). The Guardian reported on Friday.

According to the British newspaper, scientists, including The study was published in the medical journal Veterinary Record, Identified two cases of cats being infected by their owners. Animals, of various species, each developed “mild to severe respiratory problems,” Salon slate, Who identified the information.

“Viral Reservoir”

The first case was confirmed after postmortem studies on the remains of a four-month-old female ragdoll cat. From the analysis of Lung lung samples, the researchers found “evidence of damage caused by viral pneumonia, as well as Kovid-19 infection”.

In the second case, for 6-year-old Siamese females, Kovid-19 infection was established in a reconsideration study of the swab submitted to the Veterinary Diagnostic Service between March and July 2020. Both of these confirmed cases encourage scientists to warn about the dangers of transmission from animals to humans. They point to the danger of our animal friends being the “viral reservoir” that creates the continuous transmission of Kovid-19.

“When human cases are declining, the chances of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 from animal to animal as a potential source of re-entry into humans are very important,” warns Margaret Hosey, a professor at the Center for Virus Research and Lead at the University of Glasgow. Study author.

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