May 21, 2024

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Kovid-19 – New variant of the virus: “more infections, more hospitals and more deaths”

Kovid-19 - New variant of the virus: "more infections, more hospitals and more deaths"

The new variant of the coronavirus is “much higher” than the previous strain and has a higher reproduction rate between 0.4 and 0.7 compared to Kovid-19, according to a study by Imperial College London.

Axel Gandhi, a researcher from the Imperial College London think tank responsible for the investigation, told BBC Radio 4 on Saturday.The differences between the two coronaviruses are very serious“, Especially in terms of the speed of the campaign. According to the first results of the study,”The virus spreads rapidly in people under the age of 20, especially young people between the ages of 12 and 17, although recent evidence suggests that it spreads more rapidly in people of all ages.“.

The first data were obtained during the lockdown period in November, when schools were open and the activities of the adult population were further restricted. We are now seeing that the coronavirus novel has increased the risk of infection for people of all ages“, The researcher said.

Against this background, many scientists believe that current sanctions need to be tightened to prevent new strains from spreading further, and that infection levels will decrease when enough people are vaccinated.

  • Experts are seeking more sanctions

Jim Nishmit of Oxford University believes the results suggest that more drastic control measures are needed soon. “If we do not do something else, the new variant of the virus will continue to spread, causing more infections, more hospitalizations and more deaths.“.

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