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Laurent Dubroil: World Champion

Laurent Dubroil: World Champion

Laurent Dubroil won the first world title of his career.

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On Friday, at the Hirenwein Bubble in the Netherlands, Dubroil clocked 34.398 seconds at the World Speed ​​Skating Championships and won gold in his favorite 500m event.

The author of the fastest opening time (9.54s), a 28-year-old skater from Lewis, did not work through the half, beating defending champion and world record holder Pavel Kuliznikov at 34, 54.

“It feels very unbelievable,” Dubroil said. I had the legs to win and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Normally I was happy to be on the podium, but I wanted to win today. “

“My start was great, it was the start time of my second best career, and I knew it would take me a while to win, but I knew I was capable of pursuing Dubreuil, the second career individual gold medalist in seniors after the world. Cup in Hirenwein, November 11, 2017. This. With the exit, I broke my opponent [Dai Dai N’tab] He was one of the favorites with his three World Cup medals. “


After his race, he was happy even though Dubreuel had two pairs left.

“With my time, my first reaction was to tell myself I was a world champion, so I’m very happy. I said no one would hit me until I realized it was better to wait before the celebrations. I was a little stressed when Kuliznikov took the start, but he did not see his best. I know the two Russians in the pair can’t beat my time. “

Gregor Zelonek praised his defensive performance. “Laurent was inspired, he was one of the best starts of his career and he never hesitated in the second corner,” the national team coach explained. Despite his speed (60km / h), he controlled the second turn well. It’s hard to imagine how fast this could happen. By his time, I knew he would finish on the podium because the Russians were working a little harder on the inside. “

Zelonek has noted steady progress since his arrival in the Netherlands.

“Laurent is improving from race to race, he captures. He lost gold in one case and he’s himself, for the worlds, why not me. Technically, strategically and physically he has a great race.”

The second Quebeker in history

Dubreuil became the first Canadian to reach the top of the world 500m podium after Jeremy Wotherspoon in 2008, and the second in history. Otherspoon also won in 2003 and 2004.

“It’s going well for me, but I’m not really Jeremy, he’s the legend of our sport. However, it’s extraordinary to achieve what Jeremy has already done.

“Being the world champion for skating in Quebec before the opening of the Ice Center was so insane. Despite the pitfalls and before any help came to us I was really happy to win the world title.”

Dubroil is only the second Quebec to win gold at the World Distance Championships. Sylvain Bouchard in March 1998 at 1000m.

These distance championships only started in 1996.

Previously, there were only sprint worlds, where Dubroil won silver in 2020 and Gauten Boucher in 1984 and 1985.

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For Dubroil, it was the third World Championship medal of his career.

500 m in 2015. 1000 m in 2020 as in. Won bronze in.

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