May 21, 2024

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Lifting the mandatory vaccine in health: “an annoying condition”, according to a nurse

Lifting the mandatory vaccine in health: "an annoying condition", according to a nurse

The responsibility for the vaccine in the health sector was lifted last Wednesday, a decision that a nurse doctor understood, even though she did not think it was the best option.

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“As far as responsibility is concerned, we understand that there is a shortage of manpower in nursing, so in a team, we, too, sometimes have trouble finding nurses. Explained.

“They are giving this opportunity so that people who are already there can continue to work by testing three times a week,” she continued.

M.Me Botero said the test could provide results within the first day and that the gargle tests would take place much faster.

“Of course, as health professionals, we need to be vaccinated,” she added. “I urge the entire population to continue vaccinating to prevent the number of cases and deaths.”

As soon as she was called for the vaccine the nurse gave her two doses and reassured her that the whole team had been vaccinated.

According to her, health workers should set an example and vaccinate for patient safety.

“It’s an annoying situation, because we understand that Canada’s values ​​also have respect for individual choice, but as health professionals, we deal with people, so we need to heal ourselves,” she stressed.

The solution is international recruitment

To overcome the problem of labor shortage Shri.Me Botero defended international recruitment.

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“Actually there are many stages and I want the government to look for strategies to recruit competent nurses in Latin America and around the world, they are ready to come and lend a hand to our services. Health,” she said.

She was pleased that many hospitals were already ready to launch recruitment programs. “I hope it will be extended to all hospitals in Quebec, including quality in terms of work.”

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